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Israel At War!

On Oct. 7, 2023/Tishri 22, 5784, when Israel was about to celebrate Simchat Torah a sudden unprovoked barbarous attack by Hamas started with thousands of rockets bombarding Israel while by air, land and sea hundreds of barbaric terrorists invaded the border communities just north of Gaza.

As they began their evil rampage indiscriminately murdering men, women, children and babies in the most horrific ways they ultimately murdered over 1,400 citizens of Israel (including US Citizens), injured over 5,550 others and kidnapped over 240 others.

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On Oct. 8, 2023 Israel declared war on Hamas as a result of their barbaric murderous rampage in Israel…

From the IDF Telegram site…

Since the beginning of the war, about 9,500 rockets and dozens of aircraft have been launched towards Israel. The soldiers of the Aerial Defense Array intercepted thousands of rockets in the defended areas, and following the entry of ground forces into the Gaza Strip, a significant decrease in the number of launches is evident.

The Aerial Defense Array is deployed in the most extensive way ever and has carried out interceptions from Mount Dov in the north to the Red Sea in the south.

For the first time, all the aerial defense systems are working simultaneously – Iron Dome, David’s Sling, MIM-104 Patriot and Arrow. All of these provide protection in every layer of aerial defense and enable optimal protection of the Israeli home front.

The array’s successes were realized, among other things, as a result of the deep cooperation effort between the IDF and the defense industries, as well as between the IDF and the United States Armed Forces, which are force multipliers in this war.

Also, about 12% of the total launches towards Israel landed in the Gaza Strip and about 900 launches were carried out from civilian sites such as: mosques, schools, hospitals and cultural centers.

This data once again emphasizes the cynical use of civilians by the terrorist organization Hamas.

What the IDF Found in a child’s room…

RSS News From Israel

IDF Reports on Telegram App…

6:00AM Nov. 17, 2023…

IDF: Rockets inside a girl’s bed, anti-tank missiles inside a baby stroller; Terror organizations in the Gaza Strip continue with their cynical use of children as a cover for terror

Rockets were found inside a bed in the children’s bedroom inside the house of a Hamas terrorist during operational activity carried out by the troops of the 551st Brigade. The terrorist was a part of a Hamas terrorist cell in Beit Hanoun.

During the operational activity, the troops uncovered a significant amount of weapons including rockets, explosive devices, and dozens of kilos of explosives. The weapons were subsequently destroyed by the forces.

In addition, the IDF discloses a recorded conversation between two Islamic Jihad terrorists, in which the terrorists describe how weapons are transferred inside baby strollers.


Attached is a recorded conversation between two Islamic Jihad terrorists regarding the transfer of weapons inside a baby stroller: https://bit.ly/3R2Y0YK

Hamas Commits War Crimes by Using Hospitals, Schools & Mosques for Terrorist Purposes

IDF: An operational command center, weapons, and technological assets found in the MRI building of the Shifa Hospital in Gaza City; IDF troops are continuing the precise and targeted operation against the Hamas terrorist organization in the Shifa Hospital

Shifa Hospital

Normal hospitals don’t have:
· weapons hidden behind MRI machines
· bodies of hostages lying around their complexes
· terrorist tunnels and headquarters under them

The Shifa Hospital does.

What the IDF is Finding in the Shifa Hospital

IDF troops are continuing the precise and targeted operation against Hamas in the Shifa Hospital complex, in which the troops are conducting searches for Hamas terrorist infrastructure and assets. As the soldiers entered the hospital complex, they engaged with a number of terrorists and killed them. 

More Shifa Hospital Info

During searches in one of the departments of the hospital, the troops located a room with technological assets, along with military and combat equipment used by Hamas .
In another department in the hospital, the soldiers located an operational command center and technological assets belonging to Hamas, indicating that the terrorist organization uses the hospital for terrorist purposes.

How the IDF is Helping Shifa Hospital

IDF Spokesman: This morning we responded to the request of the director of Shifa Hospital to allow Gazan citizens who were sheltering in the hospital and who wish to evacuate from Shifa Hospital towards the humanitarian crossing in the Gaza Strip through a secure axis. It should be emphasized that at no point did the IDF ask to evacuate patients or medical staff.

The IDF spokesman’s response to claims from Shifa that the IDF demanded the hospital be evacuated


IDF Update

IDF: Ismail Haniyeh’s residence, which was used as terrorist infrastructure, was struck as IDF troops continue to operate in the Gaza Strip

IDF Update

Overnight, IDF fighter jets struck the residence of Ismail Haniyeh, the Head of Hamas’ Political Bureau, which was used as terrorist infrastructure and often served as a meeting point for Hamas’ senior leaders to direct terror attacks against Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers.

IDF Update

During the takeover of the Shati camp, IDF troops located and destroyed a Hamas naval forces weapons cache, containing diving gear, explosive devices, and weapons.

Rise In AntiSemitism Across The World

Tearing down posters of kidnapped Israeli children. Death threats sent to Jewish schools and students. Swastikas spray painted in public spaces.

U.S. antisemitism is at near-historic levels, according to FBI director Christopher Wray.

“A group that makes up 2.4%, roughly, of the American population, that same population accounts for something like 60% of all religious-based hate crimes,” Wray said.


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